Trustable is an open project based on community contributions that aims to make the systems and practices used to engineer software demonstrably “Trustable”, allowing resulting deliverables to be assessed against a mature and comprehensive specification to be so.

This will be done by working towards a Trustable Software Engineering Specification (“TSES”) supported by both measures and metrics against which the systems and practices may be audited, and their compliance confirmed.

Insurance products, and an insurance vehicle to back those, may be created. These would insure against risks in the distribution of software deliverables that have been engineered in accordance with the TSES.

Trustable Software Ltd will be financed through contributions from members, particularly in the early years. The audit and insurance infrastructure offer potential additional long-term revenue streams for Trustable and the work done through it and can ensure its sustainability.

We understand the importance of and systemic risk from faulty or improperly sourced software in our everyday lives from a legal perspective:

We will create a Trustable Software Engineering Specification (“TSES”):

We propose that a deliverable can be considered “Trustable” if the systems and practices used to engineer that deliverable meet certain criteria, which can be organised into the following categories:

The specific criteria need to be framed by our community, but our community will start the discussion with:

The TSES requires that the Project will create:

Our goals are to:

We will achieve this by:

Along the way we will:

We acknowledge: